When I grow up

by Humane Society International

In Vietnam, the main consumers of  Rhino horns are the upper class:
the business men and women, social elites, and governors.
Rhino horns are often used as gifts for bribery, or to show one’s status.

Vietnam recently experienced a lot of success in different fields. The country appears
at the top of a lot of lists in the world and region.
Our target audiences often are huge contributors to the country.

Idea: When I Grow Up

Campaigns that focus on stopping Rhino horn consumption
have been running for years but nothing changes.
And these are what we learnt from them, the 3 don’ts:

- Don’t belittle these people. With high social status comes a desire for respect.
- Don’t show blood, dying animals, violence. These killings are too far away from them.
- Don’t play on the extinction of the piece. The rarer rhinos get, the more desirable.


Managing Director: Nicole Marold
Creative Director: Vadym Tkachuk
Senior Copywriter & Art Director: Thinh Nguyen
Art Director: Anh Hung Vu
Junior Copywriter: Thu Nga
Senior Account Manager: Chau Le
Film Director: Toby Wosskow & Kathy Uyen
Production House: One Touch Vietnam

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