Unbelievable Freedom

by Vietnamobile

Background: Vietnam's telecom market is monipolized by
3 government-owned companies. Vietnamobile only managed to
survive by maintaining its current user base - a small 2% of market share.
This was Vietnamobile’s last chance.

Manifesto Film: Unbelievable Freedom
The film showcases real people who can bend realities with just their body.
We tapped into a variety of Vietnamese art and symbols
and delivered an audio and visual art piece through collaborating with
the real representatives of Vietnam’s communities.

Repositioned as the brand that stands behind the people.
Democratize data, removes the barriers
for people to take control and unlock their potential.

Product Film: For every data-addicts
Next, we launched a film to announce more of Vietnamobile’s product offers:
Only 20,000VND for 2Gb/day in 30 days.
Here, we set our sights on the people who can live without data.

Personal note:
Due to a lot of factors, the final products were not as great as we expected.
However, I personally really treasure the chance to experience a big production
and building a brand for 2 years - from 2017 to 2019,
which helped gaining 22% of the market share.


Managing Director: Nicole Marold
Creative Director: Ibraheem Youssef
Senior Art Director: Minh Le
Senior Copywriter & Art Director: Thinh Nguyen
Junior Copywriter: Vy Pham
Junior Art Director: Truong Nguyen
Planning Director: Sha Jahan
Business Director: Daisy Hazra
Account Director: Thao Tran
Account Manager: Chau Le
Agency Producer: Mai Nguyen
Production House: Clubhouse Films
Post Production House: Kantana Post Production
Music Production House: Massive Music

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