by Durex

D&AD New Blood brief: Tackle the lack of sex education for people with disabilities.

The rates of sexual abuse, STIs and unwanted pregnancy are higher amongst deaf.
Originated by one thing: lack of specialised sex education to young deaf students.
Studies show they miss out on basic knowledge.

For this digital generation,
Tik Tok is the place they visit more than their grandparents’.

We found one thing: the similarities between dance moves and sign language.

So Durex promoted a TikTok challenge that contained sign language
inside of the dance moves, making tiktokers spread sex education to deaf users:
Sex needs no intercourse. Sex needs consent, protection and fun.

But the challenge was not over.

Follow up with an OOH and digital display series to reveal and spread the message.
A petition is also started, in order to promote
specialised sex education in UK schools and encouraged people to sign it.
To sign is for change.


D&AD New Blood - Durex Brief - Wood Pencil

ANDY Awards - Gold Winner
MUSE Awards - Silver Winner
Webby Awards - People’s Voice Winner


Hamza Hatim
Yago Guimaraes
Mirjam Strzata

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